Hi, I'm Jared.
I am an award-winning composer,
fast-learning software developer,
and passionate carbon removal advocate
based in Brooklyn, NY.

Music. Maker. Creative Risk-taker.

Audio Developer

As founder and lead developer of Authentic Soundware, I transform musical ideas into inspiring software instruments for use in professional digital audio workstations.
Making a modern software instrument involves creating, managing, and implementing thousands of audio, image, and UI assets. To develop products in the most efficient way possible, I've written my own library of reusable KSP scripts (KSP is a proprietary high-level scripting language similar to PASCAL, developed by Native Instruments), and write custom Lua and Python scripts to automate portions of the development process.
As the sole contributor, I've successfully conceptualized, planned, produced, coded, designed, and marketed four outstanding products.
To streamline operations and provide a unique customer experience, I built a custom ecommerce website using the Python-based Django framework.

The Studio,


Media Composer

I'm also an award-winning composer at New Math, where I produce outstanding music for prominent global brands such as Google, Audi, and eBay.
I have extensive experience collaborating with clients and vendors in high-pressure, dynamic environments. Over the course of two decades, I have consistently delivered projects on time, and become adept at conveying complex specialized ideas to diverse audiences. I love working at small companies and embrace the do-what-needs-to-be-done attitude.

Nerd. New Yorker. GitHub-forker.

I’m also a Python developer with skills in web development, relational databases, and data science. In 2022, I earned a verified professional certificate in web development from HarvardX/CS50. I've also completed numerous courses offered by DataCamp and Codecademy.

Some of the tools and technologies I use regularly include: KSP (Kontakt Scripting Processor), Python (Django, Pydub, Pandas), HTMX, Lua, PostgreSQL, HTML, and CSS.


Frameworks and libraries:

Parent. Protector. Carbon-collector.

As a dedicated volunteer at Open Air Collective, I help promote carbon dioxide removal technology and policies to help undo the damage to our climate caused by fossil fuels.
I organize and occasionally host a weekly webinar series, This is CDR, that explores the technological pathways, market forces, policy concerns, and climate justice and ecological impacts of carbon dioxide remove (CDR).
This is CDR

This is CDR: A popular webinar series dedicated to negative emmissions technology and policy.

Additionally, I have developed a custom web application that automates the onboarding process for new members and featuring custom integrations of several popular web APIs — particularly the Discord API.


Authentic Soundware.com

Django ecommerce web app

Custom eccomerce web app. Back end built in Python using Django and PostgreSQL. Deployed on Heroku and AWS. Front end features unique visual style designed in Adobe CC, with HTMX and JS.

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Space Age Rhythm

Virtual instrument collection

Collection of software instruments developed in Kontakt format. Single-handedly conceptualized, produced, coded, designed, and marketed. Scripted in Sublime using the Kontakt Script Processor (KSP), with custom build scripts written in Lua and Python. UI designed in Figma and realized using Adobe CC. Audio recorded, mixed, and edited in ProTools. Distributed through AWS via authentic-soundware.com

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Open Air - Mission Control

Django web app with integrations

Web application that automates the onboarding process for new members and incorporates custom integrations of various web APIs including: Discord, Airtable, and Sendgrid, Built in Python using Django, SQL, HTMX, and Bootstrap. Deployed on Heroku, AWS, and ElephantSQL.

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Python script

Python command line program for assembling spritesheets for Kontakt UI elements. Accepts a folder of image files and outputs a properly-formatted png file and accompanying meta file. Open source for use by other Kontakt developers.

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Jared Hunter.com

Django web app with HTMX and Bootstrap

My personal website. Built in Python with the Django framework, PostgreSQL, HTMX, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Deployed on Heroku, AWS, ElephantSQL.

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Kontakt round robin library

KSP library for round robin instruments

Example of a library of KSP scripts I wrote for one of my Kontakt instrument products.

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Kontakt chord detection script

KSP script for analyzing chords played by a user

Kontakt KSP script for detecting the chord quality and root of a given chord played by the user from a pre-defined library of chords and their inversions.

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